Anti AI-Policy

These Days you will find a lot of websites and companies that let the content be created via Artificial Intelligence (AI), practical done by thousands if not millions.
Of course every time you let AI do a task it gets cheaper and faster. But the other side is, that content becomes less imaginative, individual, personal, and less beneficial for the user.

AI-generated written content primarily involves extracting material from existing websites and rephrasing it to circumvent copyright laws, thereby appropriating the efforts of real people in the field who conducted the research without due recognition, so you can easily say you have content already existing but differently.

At CarsCulture, we make it a point to produce close, human, and authentic content by collaborating with people who are near the work and industry experts such as Maintenance specialists and Mechanics and with feedback from our readers to create content that will answer general as well as personal questions to solve your unique problems or to give you some inspirations.

There are some parts AI can´t do, like giving insights into product quality, providing personal test experiences, and sharing individual options on the latest updates or engineerings to find out which product is the best for you.

Our content is always written exclusively by people and regularly reviewed by independent experts. We don’t mass produce content but take time with each article to ensure we only showcase the best images, expert opinions, and relevant content.

Each Article will be updated every 3 Months to check for relevance, helpfulness, and correctness.

For every sentence, our standard is to aim for the best Content that you will find, for that, we are willing to do whatever is necessary, like personal product and service research, search for concealed facts, and Team-up with insiders of the industry to get the most qualified and helpful content for you.

CarsCulture refrains from utilizing AI for content creation, research, or fact verification.

Our Standard as a 100% independent publication is to deliver content that is alive and proofed with hands-on mentality, sweat, and human creativity – you can’t replace that with AI.

We live In a time where you ask the Internet before you ask a professional, we want to turn that a little bit around by putting work in and delivering non-automated answers instead of nonpersonal answers to your problems.

If you Love Cars like we do – hop on and…

…Let´s Ride!