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Woman with a red dress and a black umbrella in front of a all black bmw

All Black BMW: 4 Reasons for this nice and Sleek Road Companion in 2024

Carsten TheermannJul 19, 20245 min read

Here we are, swept away by the undeniable allure of a car draped in the darkest hue. There’s something captivating about the depth and intensity of an all-black exterior; it’s as if the car holds a thousand secrets. Our fascination…

A close up photography from the Logo of a red Ferrari

The Top 5 Most Expensive Car Brands: Avantgarde Luxury on the Road 2024

Carsten TheermannJul 3, 20246 min read

Luxury, exclusivity, and engineering excellence define the most expensive car brands in the world – the allure of these automotive masterpieces isn’t just about the brand names; it’s about what they represent and they offer a driving experience that’s second…

Looking at the 1955 Mercedes 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe throught the Front window of an old Mercedes Cabrio

Most Expensive Cars in the World: Unveiling Ultimate Luxury on Wheels 2024

Carsten TheermannJul 3, 202411 min read

When we talk about the most expensive cars in the world, we’re not just discussing vehicles; we take an eye on rolling art pieces. These Cars are the top of luxury and technology, boasting unparalleled exclusivity with their sleek designs…

A Blue Chevrolet Bel Air photographed from behind right

Legendary Motor Cars: A Journey Through Classic Automotive Excellence 2024

Carsten TheermannJul 3, 202410 min read

We often celebrate the sleek design, roaring engines, and cultural impact of classic vehicles, and rightfully so. At the core of our enthusiasm for automotive history are establishments like Legendary Motor Cars, where the preservation of these mechanical marvels is…

An old 1910 Buick which looks new, standing on a old stone street

1910 Cars in 2024: An Exciting Trip to Automotive Innovation (And 2 Brands you already know)

Carsten TheermannJul 3, 202410 min read

The world of automobiles has come a long way, and the 1910s were a markable era for modern Cars. As we take a look back at the 1910 cars, we take an eye on the foundation for the cars we…