Legendary Motor Cars: A Journey Through Classic Automotive Excellence 2024

We often celebrate the sleek design, roaring engines, and cultural impact of classic vehicles, and rightfully so. At the core of our enthusiasm for automotive history are establishments like Legendary Motor Cars, where the preservation of these mechanical marvels is both a profession and a passion. Revolving around sales, restorations, and the collection of rare and vintage vehicles, their work ensures that car aficionados have the opportunity to appreciate and own a piece of history.

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They not only provide us access to extraordinary vehicles but also expertise in every aspect of car care – from servicing to detailed restorations. It’s a dedication to excellence that has placed them among the venerated names in the realm of collectible automobiles. businesses such as Legendary Motor Cars create a bridge between the past and present, allowing us to keep the spirit of vintage charm alive.

History of Legendary Motor Cars

Legendary Motor Cars has become synonymous with classic and performance vehicle restoration and sales, shaping the way we cherish automotive history.

Founding and Early Years

Peter Klutt laid the ground for our renowned company, Legendary Motor Cars, transforming his passion for automobiles into a prominent business.
At just 15, Peter restored his first car, beginning a lifetime affair with classic cars. Years later, this fondness for reviving automotive legends blossomed into Legendary Motor Cars, where we connect with fellow enthusiasts and continuously fuel the legacy of extraordinary vehicles.

Notable Milestones

Television Presence

We’ve shared our expertise on the small screen for over two decades, starting with our co-hosting stint on Classic Car Restoration and subsequently producing 11 seasons of Dream Car Garage.

Standard-setting Restorations

As our expertise grew, so did our reputation for concours-quality restorations, elevating the status of many a classic car.

Global Reach

We’ve expanded our influence globally, serving clients and collectors from all corners of the world, ensuring the pulse of automotive excellence beats on.

Legendary Motor Cars Collections

At Legendary Motor Cars, we take immense pride in curating an exceptional array of vehicles that spans the history of automobility. Our collections feature breathtaking classic models and meticulously conducted restoration projects.

Classic Models Showcase

At the heart of our collection are the classic models that have defined car culture for generations. From the sleek lines of vintage sports cars to the muscular contours of American muscle, the variety we offer is unparalleled. You can view some of our finest and rarest collector cars on the market at Legendary Motorcar’s current inventory.

Restoration Projects

Each restoration we undertake is a journey back in time to bring a piece of automotive history back to its former glory. Seeing a vehicle transform under our care is a process we cherish deeply. It’s not just about the cars we sell, it’s about the classics we save and the history we preserve. Explore our dedication to the art of restoration through our services at Legendary Motorcar.

Manufacturing Process

We at Legendary Motor Cars prioritize precision and artistry in every vehicle we bring to life. Let’s unpack how our classics take shape from conception to completion.

Design and Innovation

From the outset, every design is a nod to the rich history and bright future of the automobile. We push the incorporating modern performance enhancements while respecting the essence of each model. Our design process starts with a thorough analysis of historical blueprints and an infusion of cutting-edge technology.

Craftsmanship and Assembly

Our assembly phase is where skilled hands and keen eyes come together. Quality is king, ensuring each component from the chassis to the cabin is fitted with uncompromised precision. The craftsmanship at our facility means our clients receive a car that’s not just a mode of transportation, but a piece of history reborn.

Showroom and Exhibitions

We at Legendary Motor Cars take pride in our exceptional showroom that houses a stunning collection of automotive history. Our exhibitions are meticulously curated to showcase the finest in classic cars, muscle cars, and vintage vehicles.

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Location and Accessibility

Our showroom is a mecca for car enthusiasts and is designed to be accessible and welcoming. We’re open to the public every Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM, making it convenient for visitors to explore our collection. You can find us at the heart of automotive passion, easily reachable for that serene Saturday outing.

Exhibition Highlights

Each vehicle in our showroom tells a unique story of design and engineering. Highlights include everything from impeccably preserved Duesenbergs to the modern marvel that is the Laferrari Aperta. Our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to provide honest, accurate information, ensuring that every visit is educational as well as enjoyable.
A visit to our showroom is more than just a walk through a collection of cars, it’s a journey through the milestones of automotive excellence.

Community and Events

When we at Legendary Motor Cars plan our calendar year, it’s filled with community-friendly events and racing competitions that bring enthusiasts together.

Annual Gatherings

Our annual gatherings are a highlight in the car community calendar. Examples include:

The Legendary Charity Cruise-In

This exclusive event is part of the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival, featuring classics and collectibles that draw crowds from all around. For details on the next gathering, visit the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival information page.

San Diego International Auto Show

Though not exclusive to Legendary Motor Cars, we make a significant appearance with our collection, turning heads from December 29th to January 1st— an event not to be missed. Check out more about this show at the Car Collectors Club Event Calendar.

Racing Competitions

Racing is in our blood! We engage in several competitions throughout the year, where you can see us and our cars in action:

NASCAR Pinty’s Series

 Our presence is felt on the track with Gary Klutt, a family member and driver, behind the wheel.

Local Charity Races

Not only do we race for trophies, but for a good cause too. Keep an eye on our participation in events that support worthy causes.

Remember, each event is an opportunity to share our passion for motors and racing, and we always welcome you to join us.

Media and Publications

We’ve seen Legendary Motor Cars become a prominent name not only in the classic and collector car world but also in the realm of media and publications. Their presence has been established through a variety of channels, including notable television and film contributions, as well as widespread recognition in prestigious automotive magazines.

Television and Film Appearances

Legendary Motor Cars have made several notable appearances on TV, featuring their expert car restoration and sales services. Particularly, Peter Klutt, the company’s founder, has shared his hugh knowledge and passion for rare cars on various shows. This has made them a go-to source for insightful automotive content.

TV Show

They have established a significant presence on the automotive scene with their very own show.

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Magazines and Features

In print, Legendary Motor Cars has seen features in numerous automotive magazines, celebrating their success story and showcasing some of their most exquisite restoration projects.

Magazine Mentions

Their restorations and sales are often highlighted in publications for car enthusiasts who appreciate the fine details of automobile restoration and collecting.


Customer Experience

At Legendary Motor Cars, we take pride in providing an exceptional customer experience that is as remarkable as the vehicles we sell. Our dedication ensures that every interaction with our brand is synonymous with the prestige and quality that our name suggests.

Ownership Benefits

When you become a part of our family, you’re not just buying a car; you’re gaining access to a suite of exclusive benefits:

Comprehensive Warranty Plans

Rest easy knowing your investment is protected.

Invitations to Private Events

Experience the luxury lifestyle with gatherings that celebrate our automotive passion.

Priority Service Scheduling

Your time is valuable, which is why we prioritize your service appointments.

Members-Only Clubhouses

Access to luxury lounges at various events and locations.

Service and Maintenance

Maintaining the excellence of your vehicle is pivotal to us:

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our service centers are equipped with the latest technology to ensure your car receives the best care possible.

Expert Technicians

Trained professionals who speak the language of Legendary Motor Cars provide tailored service.

Transparent Pricing

We provide upfront costs with detailed breakdowns—no surprises, just honesty.

Genuine Parts

Only the finest original parts are used for repairs and maintenance, ensuring peak performance.

We understand the love you have for your vehicle, and we mirror that with unmatched service and attention to detail in every aspect of the ownership experience.

Market and Economic Impact

We see how Legendary Motor Cars significantly impacted the automotive market economy.

Global Reach

Legendary Motor Cars has extended its influence far beyond local markets.
The company’s environment showcases about 100 exquisitely restored vehicles for sale, attracting global buyers and collectors.
Their global presence has not only increased cultural exchanges in the automotive world but also played a part in setting global trends in the industry.

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Industry Influence

Through their meticulous vehicle restorations and sales, Legendary Motor Cars has played a pivotal role in elevating the standards of classic automobile refurbishment. They’ve established a benchmark for quality that influences how restoration practices are carried out across the sector. Additionally, the company’s media presence, including television shows, has widened their impact on both consumer perception and the automotive industry at large, shaping how classic and vintage cars are valued and traded.


Who is the owner of Legendary Motorcar?

Owner Peter Klutt

Owner Peter Klutt hosted the TV show Dream Car Garage from the Legendary Motorcar Company facility for 11 years. He now has a new reality style show called Legendary Motorcar.

Who is Tom from legendary motor car?

Thomas Gregory Michael Hnatiw

Thomas Gregory Michael Hnatiw (pronounced “Na-chew”; December 13, 1958 – 30 July 2012, in Oakville, Ontario, Canada) was a Canadian motor journalist and live motor race announcer.

Who owns the Dare to Dream Garage?

Miles Nadal’s Dare to Dream Garage (Greater Toronto, Ontario) Miles Nadal is a Canadian entrepreneur, and apart from his philanthropic ventures, has one of the most incredible garages in the world.

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