Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

  • Cars Culture
  • 29th of December 2023

Our Reporting

In the process of writing an article about a topic that is not yet available or transparent to the public, we reach out to the Organisation that might take away any kind of damage and get their opinion – if you think you or someone you know is affected please reach out to us.

If our Articles hold old information we will Update the Article ASAP or, if the information has a bigger change – we will publish a new article.
In Any other way, our Articles will be updated every three months, to get the newest information and check them for timeliness, relevance, and helpfulness.

If we have the feeling that our article is not as helpful as we want it to be, we seek out the opinions of different experts and practical people who are experienced in their job.

Even, after all a mistake or point of failure is confirmed, we will make all the efforts we can to correct this immediately.

Information that we receive from different sources (named or anonymous) will be double-checked by another source – anyway, both identities will be held anonymous and are one hundred percent safe.
Our Informants won’t receive a financial or any other way of payment.

Should we get a hint or find out that our information was published somewhere else before, we will implement a link back to the Original source of Information.

Our Professional Dealings

We Team up with Mechanics, Engineers, Car-Fanatics, and enthusiasts, In additional to that we keep ourselves updated and informed professionally.

When it comes to “Blacklisting” (A Company quits Communication with us entirely) our Standards of analysis, reporting, critique, and fairness will be the same nonetheless the circumstances.

Advertising & Commercial Activities

The input and advice that you seek from our Cars-Culture Website or our Pinterest Account are published for help and are not influenced by Monetary reasons.

What you can expect from our advertising Team as an advertiser:

– honesty
– fairness
– transparency

Some rules we go for, when it comes to advertising:

– No offensive Content
– No automatic playing audio
– No inappropriate advertising

If one of these standards is not fulfilled in your opinion please reach out to us and we will correct this immediately.

If a product we checked is found Online for a good price we will include a link to external sellers (e.g. Amazon) – through this link, we will receive a commission when a purchase is made.
Anyways these “boxes” only appear in fitting Articles and don’t have any influence on the Article itself.


These ventures operate independently of Nailsslay’s editorial department. Nailsslay will always disclose its association when covering activities conducted by its parent company, NicheLink. Any such coverage is entirely subject to the discretion of the editors and is never influenced by commercial considerations.

All NicheLink staff and collaborators are familiar with this editorial policy and collectively uphold it.