Golf Cart Wheels and Tires: 7 Types of Wheels which Easy safe your game in 2024

Choosing the right Golf Cart wheels and tires can transform our ride from standard to spectacular, providing a smoother experience on various terrains and adding that extra flair to make our carts stand out on the course or in the neighborhood.

Golf cart wheels come in various sizes, and while the size doesn’t directly affect the cart’s mechanics, it can alter the overall feel and stability of the ride. Whether we opt for the standard 8-inch wheels or go big with 15-inch alternatives, the right combination will ensure we get both the aesthetic and the performance we desire.

Types of Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

When we talk about Golf Car Wheels and Tires, it’s essential to understand the array of wheel types available.
Each type caters to different aesthetics and practical needs.
Let’s explore the main varieties that can transform your ride’s look and performance.

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Standard Wheels

Standard golf cart wheels are the go-to for most golf cart owners. These wheels usually measure 8″ in diameter and are perfect for casual use on the golf course. They come in finishes like black and chrome, providing a simple yet polished look.

Lifted Wheels

For those of us looking to take our carts off the beaten path, lifted wheels are a game-changer.
Available in larger sizes such as 10″, 12″, and 14″, these wheels provide the clearance needed for rougher terrain.
Lifted wheels ensure our golf cart can handle more adventurous outings.

Low Profile Wheels

Low profile wheels offer a sleek, sporty edge to our carts.
They fit well with 10″ and 12″ tires that hug the ground, giving a lower center of gravity and a stable ride.

Custom Color Wheels

Lastly, for those of us who love a personalized touch, custom color wheels make our golf carts stand out.
Whether we desire a bold color statement or a classic shade, there’s a spectrum of options to reflect our style.

Selecting the Right Tires

When we talk about Golf Car Wheels and Tires, choosing the right tire for your golf cart is crucial, whether you’re cruising down the neighborhood or exploring rugged landscapes.
Itt’s about performance and safety.
Let’s look at the options that will keep your rides smooth and your mind at ease.

All-Terrain Tires

All-Terrain Tires are the versatile choice for those of us who use our golf carts on both pavement and off-road conditions.
Typically, these tires have a balanced tread pattern which ensures a steady ride on various surfaces. If you’re expecting to encounter grass, gravel, or dirt, these tires will offer the necessary grip and durability.

  • Surfaces: Grass, Gravel, Light Mud
  • Profile: Typically more robust than street tires
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Street Tires

For those of us sticking to the pavement, Street Tires are the go-to. These tires are usually low profile with a smoother tire tread design. This ensures less resistance and a quieter ride on paved roads.
If the journey ahead is on well-maintained roads, street tires can provide better efficiency and a gentler touch on the turf.

  • Surfaces: Pavement, Sidewalks
  • Tread: Smoother for less resistance

Off-Road Tires

When it’s time to tackle the tough terrain, Off-Road Tires have our backs with aggressive tire treads designed specifically for off-road use. Ready for mud, sand, and rocky paths, these tires have deeper treads to conquer the challenges off the beaten path.

  • Surfaces: Mud, Sand, Rocky Trails
  • Tread: Deep and wide for maximum traction

Sizing and Compatibility

When we dive into the world of golf car wheels and tires, we grasp the importance of precise sizing and matching components for an optimal ride.

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Tire Measurement

Golf cart tires are labeled with numbers reflecting their size; for example, an 18″ tire represents the height.
Understanding measurement distinctions is key, as a 20″ tire demands different handling than a 22″ or 23″ variety.
A crucial factor is the diameter; whether you need a lift kit depends on the size you select.

Matching Tires to Wheels

The harmony between tires and wheels cannot be overstated. Wheel size, often noted as the last number in a tire size, has to be accommodating to the tire for a clean fit.
For example, 18×8.5-8″ denotes an 8″ wheel diameter.
Upgrading to larger tires may necessitate wheel spacers or adjustments in wheel offset to maintain stability.

Lug Nut Considerations

Finally, maintaining the security of our wheels links back to lug nuts. The right count and spacing of these nuts ensure that tires remain tightly fitted to golf carts.
Beginning with standard patterns, like a 4-lug setup, we check compatibility with the wheel design we’ve chosen to affirm a secure attachment, keeping our journey smooth and safe.

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Installation and Maintenance

When it comes to getting the most out of our golf car wheels and tires, understanding the ins and outs of installation and proper upkeep is crucial.

Mounting Wheels and Tires

Mounting a golf cart tire/wheel combo is a task we can tackle with confidence. First, it’s paramount to align the wheel with the lug bolts and secure it by hand to prevent cross-threading.
Then we use a torque wrench to tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern, ensuring an even distribution of pressure.

Regular Inspection

We make it a habit to conduct regular inspections of our golf car wheels and tires. Checking for worn treads, cracks, and any debris embedded in the tire ensures early detection of potential issues. For optimal performance, it’s essential to inspect OEM wheels and tires as well as any golf cart accessories that influence the ride.

Tire Pressure and Care

Maintaining correct tire pressure is not just about a comfortable ride; it’s also about the longevity of our tires.
We adhere to the specifications for our pre-mounted tire sets, as incorrect pressure can lead to uneven wear and possible repairs down the line.
Simple, regular checks with a tire gauge keep us on the right track.

Customization and Accessories

We understand that customizing your golf cart is not just about utility but also expressing your style. That’s why we’re delving into accessories and modifications that can truly make your golf cart stand out and fit your needs, whether you’re on the green or cruising your neighborhood.

Lift Kits for Added Height

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Lifting your golf cart isn’t just about looks; it’s about performance too. For those with lifted golf carts, installing a lift kit can provide the clearance needed for rougher terrain or larger wheels.
Brands like EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha offer a range of golf cart lift kits suitable for both lifted and non-lifted golf carts.

Performance Enhancements

Enhancing your golf cart’s performance is achievable with the right parts. Red Hawk, RHOX, and others provide various golf cart parts like premounted tire/wheel combo builder systems to up your game.
Not only do these enhancements add to your cart’s drive, but they also improve its handling and stability.

Decorative Add-ons

Decorating your golf cart is where the fun begins.
From sleek wheel covers to gleaming center caps, you can find an array of accessories to personalize your ride.
Whether you’re driving a Drive2 or another model, the addition of these accessories can offer a touch of elegance or a bold statement on the course.


What size tires should I put on my golf cart?

The industry standard factory golf cart tires that come on 99% of fleet golf carts are 18×8. 5-8″ tires.

Are all golf cart wheels the same?

Generally, all the golf cart wheels are of the same size. They typically have a standard size – 8”, 10”, 12”, and 14”. Most brands have almost the same size, but the design, material, and sometimes the size vary from brand to brand.

What tires can I use on the golf course?

Generally, all the golf cart wheels are of the same size. They typically have a standard size – 8”, 10”, 12”, and 14”. Most brands have almost the same size, but the design, material, and sometimes the size vary from brand to brand.


WHich types of wheels you use the most? Do you prefer a type?
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