Car Gel Cleaner

Discover the ultimate cleaning solution with our eco-friendly Car Gel Cleaner.
Crafted from resilient and non-sticky materials, this cleaning Gel offers a non-crushing and residue-free cleaning experience, making it ideal for maintaining a nice car interior.
With a weight of 0,35 pds and available in various colors, each package includes 1 piece of this versatile and reusable cleaner, providing a long-lasting and cost-effective cleaning solution for your car and other delicate surfaces.
Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of our Car Gel Cleaner, designed to simplify your cleaning routine and deliver outstanding results.


Car Gel Cleaner

Experience effortless cleaning with our eco-friendly Car Gel Cleaner. This resilient, non-sticky, and reusable cleaner is perfect for removing dirt and dust from your car interior or keyboard without leaving any residue behind.



Car Gel Cleaner in Blue


Car Gel Cleaner in Pink


Car Gel Cleaner in Green


Car Gel Cleaner in Yellow