Car Interior Cleaning Kit

Revolutionize your car cleaning experience with our comprehensive Car Interior Cleaning Kit, designed to provide unmatched versatility and efficiency.
This kit includes a medium-hard nylon electric brush that seamlessly attaches to your favorite cordless drill, offering exceptional cleaning power for various surfaces.
With 4 different sizes and shapes of brushes, this kit is ideal for cleaning car interiors, glass, tubs, tiles, sinks, carpets, baseboards, and fiberglass shower enclosures, ensuring that all your cleaning needs are met with ease and precision.
The nylon bristles are specifically engineered not to scratch surfaces.
All brushes are equipped with quarter-inch QUICK CHANGE shafts for effortless attachment.
Please note that the cordless drill is not included.
Crafted from durable nylon material, this drill scrubber brush set is available in a vibrant yellow color and is offered in options of 3 pieces or 4 pieces, catering to your specific cleaning requirements.
Elevate your car cleaning routine with our Car Interior Cleaning Kit, and enjoy the benefits of effortless, thorough, and safe cleaning for all your vehicle’s interior surfaces.

Car Interior Cleaning Kit

Upgrade your car cleaning routine with our versatile Car Interior Cleaning Kit, featuring medium-hard nylon electric brushes that effortlessly attach to your cordless drill.
The kits include 3 or 4 different sizes and shapes of brushes, suitable for a wide range of surfaces, from car interiors to bathroom fixtures.



Set of 3 different Brushes


Set of 4 different Brushes