Cartoon Car Scent Air Freshener

Introducing our Cartoon Car Scent Air Freshener, a must-have accessory to enhance your car’s interior ambiance.
This single-piece set features a compact design, measuring at 0.787402 inches in height, and is crafted to clip effortlessly onto your car’s air conditioning vent.
Not only does it emit a delightful fragrance, but it also serves as a charming addition to your vehicle’s styling, with it´s Marvelous design, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a touch of character and freshness in their car.


Cartoon Car Scent Air Freshener

Elevate your car’s interior with our Cartoon Car Scent Air Freshener, a stylish and compact accessory designed to clip onto your air conditioning vent.
This single piece offers a delightful fragrance and adds a touch of character to your vehicle.



Rubber, red

Iron Man

Rubber, red, yellow


Rubber, black, grey


Rubber, grey, yellow

Captain America

Rubber, blue

Captain Fury

Rubber, black, brown

Jack Sparrow

Rubber, red, white

Spiderman 2

Rubber, red


Rubber, white

Captain America Shield

Rubber, red, white


Rubber, green, brown


Rubber, white, black