Center Cap For Wheels

Enhance the appearance of your vehicle with our Center Cap for Wheels, crafted from durable ABS plating to ensure long-lasting performance in all weather conditions.
These Car wheel center caps are designed to offer stable characteristics and high reliability.
Adding a touch of elegance to your car, these center caps are easy to install, seamlessly clicking into place after removing your old caps.
With a cover diameter of approximately 2.20 inches, a cover foot base part of about 2.01 inches, and a cover foot convex part of around 2.09 inches, these wheel center hub caps are compatible with a wide range of Wheels.
Available in black or silver, each set includes 4 pieces, providing a complete solution for upgrading the look of your car’s wheels.
Elevate your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and make a statement on the road with our Center Cap for Wheels.


Center Cap For Wheels

Upgrade your car’s look with our durable Center Cap for Wheels.
These ABS plating wheel center hub caps, available in black or silver, are easy to install and add an elegant touch to your vehicle’s front or rear wheels.



Silver Coloured Center Cap For Wheels


Black coloured Center Cap For Wheels