Rotating Car Cleaning Brush

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Introducing the Multifunctional Rotating Car Cleaning Brush, a versatile and efficient tool designed to elevate your vehicle cleaning experience.
This innovative brush boasts a range of features to ensure a thorough and scratch-free cleaning process.
With its automatic 360-degree rotation powered by water, this brush offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency, eliminating the need for electricity while providing thorough cleaning coverage.
The high-pressure washing capability, coupled with the option to remove the brush head for increased hydraulic pressure, allows for effective cleaning of various surfaces without leaving a mark.
The soft chenille brush and bristles ensure a deep clean without scratching your vehicle’s finish.
The inclusion of a 250ml transparent solvent pot enables automatic foaming, allowing for the addition of detergent and cleaning liquid for a more thorough cleaning experience.

Crafted from high-quality chenille and ABS materials, this Multifunctional Car Wash Mop is designed to adapt to the outer diameter of the tap, ensuring a secure and reliable fit.
The package includes essential components such as middle link poles, chenille fluff brush, faucet connectors, multi-function connectors, and water inlet and outlet switch connectors, providing everything you need for a comprehensive cleaning solution.
The transparent solvent pot, made of environmentally-friendly and acid-resistant materials, offers automatic foaming and water outlet capabilities, enhancing the overall cleaning process.

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Rotating Car Cleaning Brush

Effortlessly achieve a spotless vehicle with our Multifunctional Rotating Car Cleaning Brush.
This innovative brush features 360-degree automatic rotation powered by water, high-pressure washing capabilities, and soft chenille bristles for scratch-free cleaning, making it suitable for various cleaning tasks.