All Black BMW: 4 Reasons for this nice and Sleek Road Companion in 2024

Here we are, swept away by the undeniable allure of a car draped in the darkest hue. There’s something captivating about the depth and intensity of an all-black exterior; it’s as if the car holds a thousand secrets.

Our fascination is further ignited by the elusive Vantablack all black BMW, a collaboration with Surrey Nanosystems, which takes the all-black concept to an unprecedented level.
Coated in a material that absorbs 99% of visible light, the Vantablack BMW seems to slip through the bounds of reality—a shadow turned into a masterpiece.

Boat Interior Design All black BMW
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Sitting behind the stering of an all-black BMW, we become part of an exclusive experience, a blend of luxury and mystery.

Distinctive Features of All Black BMWs

With its sleek silhouette and sumptuous interior, the all-black BMW makes a statement on the road and offers a sanctuary on the inside.

Exterior Design

Our all-black BMW stands out with a Sapphire Black Metallic finish that makes it look as though it’s cloaked in the night sky.
The iconic Kidney Grille at the front, coupled with the Shadowline Upgrade, enhances its stealthy appeal.
The silhouette is edged with elegance by the option of a sunroof or moonroof that invites natural light into the cabin.

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Interior Excellence

Inside, the BMW invites us with luxurious Nappa Leather seats that envelop us into comfort. From the headliner down to the trim, every detail is finessed with premium materials; the Alcantara Headliner is a touch of plushness, setting this car apart from others.

Performance and Packages

Speaking of perks, performance is where our BMW shines.
Options of an 8cyl automatic or 6cyl automatic engine, complemented by AWD/4WD systems, ensure our drives are both dynamic and secure.
The renowned M Sport Package fortifies its athleticism, while the Executive Package adds layers of luxury.

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Innovative Technology

To keep us connected on the go, cutting-edge Navigation, Bluetooth, and Back-Up Camera functionalities are right at our fingertips.
Keyless Entry/Start makes hopping in for a ride swift and effortless. We’ll be basking in the haven that is our all-black BMW, where innovation meets comfort, and sophistication meets performance.

Ownership Experience

Here we are, about to dive into the specifics of owning one of these beauties.

Ownership Details

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
Essential for tracking the history, the VIN is like the BMW’s unique fingerprint.
Listed Since
We keep an eye on how long our BMW has been up for grabs.

Listing Information

  • Stock Number: To identify our vehicle in inventory
  • YouTube: To showcase our vehicle in action
  • Carvana: For an alternative purchasing platform
  • AutoCheck Vehicle History Summary: To ensure we’ve got all the necessary background info
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Title and Damage Details:

  • Accident Free Vehicle: It’s a must for us.
  • Clean Title: We wouldn’t settle for less.
  • **Salvage Vehicle: Avoided.
  • **Frame Damage: A deal-breaker.
  • Theft History: Clean is the goal.
  • Lemon Status: Not on our watch.

Pricing and Value

  • Great Price: We want value as much as style.
  • Fair Price: We ensure we’re getting a good deal.
  • **Good Price: Aligns with the BMW’s condition and features.
  • Above Market: Sometimes, the premium is worth it for the perfect model.
  • Below Market: A sweet spot for bargain hunters.
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Vehicle Status

  • Certified Pre-Owned: It’s a confidence booster.
  • Personal Use Only: We prefer cars that haven’t been overworked as rentals.
  • Rental Vehicle: Tends to be a pass for us.
  • No Accidents: Checked via AutoCheck.
  • 3 Owners or less: Ideally, we go for a “1 Owner” vehicle for its generally lower wear and tear.
  • Title Details: Verified for authenticity.
  • History Provider: We only trust reliable sources for a free history report.

What is BMW black called?


Why is Vantablack paint illegal?

There’s a paint, a “material,” that an artist patented, and no one else is allowed to use it. Anish Kapoor bought the exclusive rights to Vantablack, the blackest black available to artists. (Feel free to insert a “Spinal Tap” joke here, if you are of a certain age.)

Can you buy Vantablack BMW?

Sadly, this one of a kind Vantablack BMW X6 aka “The Beast” is not for sale and there are a few reasons why. Vantablack paint is not sustainable for everyday automotive use, the blackest black paint would be extremely expensive, and there are a few questions as to the vehicles overall road safety due to its color.

Hey Mate, even if it´s not the all Black BMW in Vantablack, are you looking to buy a BMW?
Let us know where you are struggeling or if we can reach you a helping Hand.
Till then see you next time when it says again…
…Let´s Ride!

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