Best Dog Car Seat: Top Picks for Safe Pet Travel 2024

When hitting the road with our furry friends, safety and comfort are top of mind. Traveling with dogs often means ensuring they have a secure place in the car, not only for their protection but for ours too.
The best dog car seat meets these needs, giving pets a cozy spot to sit while also keeping them firmly secured, even when we’re on the move.

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When shopping for a dog car seat, several factors need consideration.
The size and weight capacity are critical, ensuring it’s the perfect fit for your dog.
Additionally, ease of installation, the quality of materials used, and whether the seat has been crash-tested can influence your decision.

Considering these aspects, we’ve invested our time in researching and testing to discover which options on the market truly deserve the title of best dog car seat.
We aim to make your purchase decision easier and your travels safer.

Best Dog Car Seats

We understand how important your furry friend’s safety is, especially when they join you on the road.
Our carefully curated list makes finding the best dog car seat easier, ensuring a snug and secure spot for your pet during every journey.
We’ve considered size, comfort, and safety to help you choose the perfect option for your car and canine.

BurgeonNest Booster

BurgeonNest Dog Car Seat

If you value your pup’s comfort and safety during car rides, the BurgeonNest Booster is a smart pick.


  • Features sturdy Oxford fabric and good craftsmanship ensuring durability and comfort
  • The seat is easy to clean, thanks to its fully detachable design and washable materials
  • Comes equipped with adjustable belts and a non-slip bottom for secure pet travel


  • Setup can be a bit puzzling initially, but it’s manageable
  • The included leash attachment may not withstand heavy chewing
  • Not ideal for dogs over 25 pounds as it’s designed for small breeds

The BurgeonNest Booster has been a revelation; its sturdy design paired with the nice comfort it offers makes it feel like a secure hug for our furry friends.

The first thing we noticed was how soft and inviting the seat felt.
The adjustable straps, which easily secured to the car’s seat, held the booster in place, even during those sharp turns. Plus, the rubberized bottom meant no sliding around – a huge relief.

But what’s convenience without cleanliness?
We loved that after a sandy trip to the beach, the car seat’s cover slid right off, easy to wash and reassemble for the next adventure. And with dedicated pockets for treats and toys on both sides, everything our pup needs is always within paw’s reach.

Remember to keep in mind the size of your pup before clicking “Add to Cart.”
The BurgeonNest Booster is for small dogs, but might not fit for larger breeds.

AlfaTok Memory Foam Booster Dog Car Seat

Elevated Pet Car Seat

We think the AlfaTok Dog Car Seat is a good choice for any small pup owner wanting to boost their dog’s comfort and view during drives.


  • Elevated design allows pets to enjoy the view
  • High-density memory foam supports the joints
  • Easy to install and doubles as a dog bed


  • Height may not accommodate all car designs
  • Straps could be short for some car configurations
  • Memory foam is not washable, only the cover

Taking my terrier on road trips has always been a struggle with his endless fidgeting, but since we’ve started using AlfaTok’s dog car seat, those days are gone.
With this booster seat, he enjoys a panoramic view, which seems to calm his nerves and keep him entertained.

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The velvet cover feels luxurious, and the fact that it’s removable and washable is a godsend for keeping my car clean. At times, I’ve found that the cover’s zipper can be a bit stubborn, but it’s ok for a tidy car and a happy dog.
Plus, the two side pockets are perfect for stashing treats and toys, so everything we need is nearby.

Shifting it from one place to another is no sweat at all.
It’s that flexibility that makes this dog car seat a standout for us.
The only thing I’ve noticed is the length of the tether, which I had to adjust for my dog’s size, but once set, it ensures he’s secure and safe.

Lesure Booster Seat

Lesure Dog Car Seat

Owning this booster seat, you can provide a cozy and elevated perch for your pup, making car rides enjoyable for both you and your four-legged friend.


  • Versatile installation allows use in front or back seat
  • A removable, washable cover makes upkeep simple
  • Includes storage pockets for convenience


  • Fits only small to medium-sized dogs up to 25lbs
  • May require time for foam expansion after unpacking
  • Adjustable buckles might not fit every vehicle perfectly

With the Lesure Booster Seat, you’ll Know your pet is snug and secure.
The seat offers a secure fit with its adjustable buckle, meaning you can take sharp turns and navigate busy highways without worrying about your pooch’s well-being.

The memory foam filling of the seat cradles your pet, while the ease of cleaning ensures you can keep the seat fresh and inviting with minimal effort.
The handy storage pockets are perfect for tucking away treats, leashes, or your dog’s favorite toy.

While the seat’s design is optimal for small to medium-sized pets, larger dog owners might have to search elsewhere. Patience may be required right after unboxing as the pillows take some time to fluff up to their full and supportive shape.

Despite these considerations, we believe this dog car seat is a top choice for smaller breed owners. It fuses practicality with peace of mind, making every road trip with your pet a smooth and enjoyable adventure.

JACKO & CO Premium Dog Car Seat

JACKO & CO Dog Car Seat

If you want safety as much as comfort, this car seat is a game-changer for your travels.


  • Elevated design for pet’s view and comfort
  • Easy to clean with machine-washable materials
  • Versatile fit for most car types


  • The maximum weight limit of 35 pounds may not suit larger breeds
  • Initial adaptation period needed for some pets
  • Takes up a substantial amount of seat space

On our latest road trip, we brought along the JACKO & CO Premium Dog Car Seat and our furry companion had never seemed happier.
The seat’s robust construction and plush interior provided a snug fortress for our four-legged friend to look out the window or curl up for a nap.

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The water-resistant Oxford fabric meant that any spills or accidents were not a concern, and a quick toss in the washing machine had it refreshed and ready for the next day’s adventure. We also found the installation to be a gift, with adjustable straps snugging it securely into place in both our compact car and family SUV.

However, the 35-pound weight limit means this is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized pets, keeping the larger dogs in the family out of this particular comfort zone.

All in all, the JACKO & CO car seat has become our go-to for ensuring our pet’s happiness and security on the road, letting us focus on the journey ahead.

Cozy Canine Cruiser


We think the Cozy Canine Cruiser is a Good try for your pup.


  • The elevated design gives pets a great view, reducing anxiety
  • Comfortable and snug with soft, breathable fabric
  • Easy to clean with a removable and washable cover


  • May not be sturdy enough for very active dogs
  • Limited to dogs under 35 lbs, not suitable for larger breeds
  • The size may be too compact for some medium-sized dogs

We recently tried out the Cozy Canine Cruiser, hands down one of the best dog car seats on the market. The elevated view allows our pup to look out the window, which seems to significantly reduce his travel anxiety.

As regular road-trippers, we appreciate practicality just as much as comfort.
The Cozy Canine Cruiser delivers on that front with features like its side storage pockets – perfect for stashing away treats and toys.
When the road trip’s over, the maintenance is a breeze thanks to its fully washable cover; a quick unzip, and into the washing machine it goes.

Safe travels and cozy naps seem to be the theme with this dog car seat.
However, if you’re sharing your life with a larger or more energetic pooch, they might find the space a bit restrictive to recline or move about freely.

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Buying Guide

When we’re on the road with our furry friends, safety and comfort are top priorities. Finding the best dog car seat is essential so let’s look at the features that matter the most.

Safety Features

  • Harness System: Look for a strong harness system that can securely tether your dog to the seat.
  • Stability: A good dog car seat should attach firmly to your vehicle’s seat to prevent any slippage.

Size & Fit


Make sure to measure your dog’s size and compare it with the seat’s dimensions for a good fit.

Weight Capacity

Select a seat that can support your dog’s weight.

Dog SizeSeat Size
SmallCompact Size
MediumMedium Size
LargeLarge Size

Material & Comfort


A padded seat will make the ride more comfortable for your dog.


High-quality, wear-resistant materials ensure longevity.

Ease of Cleaning

Removable Covers

Seats with machine-washable covers are easier to clean.

Additional Features

Storage Pockets

For storing treats and toys.

Adjustable Straps

Customizable fit for different vehicle types.

Installation Ease

A seat that’s easy to install and remove makes life much more convenient:

CriteriaIdeal Feature
Installation TimeQuick
Tool RequirementNone
Instruction ClarityHigh

Remember, the key is to match these features with your dog’s specific needs for a stress-free and enjoyable ride.


What kind of car seat is best for dogs with anxiety?

The Lookout elevated car seat is ideal for dogs who get carsick or anxious, as seeing out the window can calm anxiety and reduce queasiness. Even dogs who dislike car travel can learn to love it once they have their very own secure, comfortable spot to snooze in.

Should a dog sit in the front or back of a car seat?

So, where should your dog sit in a car? Your dog should sit in the back seat in the car, where you can secure them using a seat belt. Even if you put the pet in a crate, make sure to attach the carte to a harness. Alternatively, you can put your dog in the cargo area of an SUV, particularly if you have a large dog.

Where are dogs most comfortable in a car?

The research reveals that the dogs felt the most comfortable when their owner was in view, with their heart rates decreasing by -6.8% in the front seat and -9.5% in the back seat when compared to their average heart rate.

How about you and your fluffy four-legged friend? Does he already enjoy the comfort and relaxation of the Best Dog Car Seat?
Send us a picture of him, we love Dogs, and that’s why we would appreciate it – otherwise write us a Mail or slide in the comments.
Till then see you next time, when it says again…
…Let´s Ride!

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