Luxury Car Air freshener

Elevate your driving experience with our luxurious diamond-shaped car air freshener.
Crafted from glass with a wooden cap and rope, this versatile accessory doubles as a perfume holder and stylish car charm.
Perfect for gifting!


Luxury Car Air freshener

Introducing our exquisite luxury car air freshener, a must-have accessory to enhance your driving experience.
Designed in a captivating diamond-shaped, triangular tower from high-quality glass, and adorned with a charming wooden cap and rope for a touch of elegance.
Measuring approximately 1,06 * 1,06 * 2,28inch, this stunning creation perfectly keeps your car interior fresh.
Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, our luxury car air freshener is a statement of sophistication and style, adding a touch of luxury to any journey.


  • Category: Perfume bottle (perfume not included)
  • Material: Glass, wooden cap, rope
  • Size: Approximately 2.7 * 2.7 * 5.8cm
  • Shape: Diamond-shaped, triangular tower
  • Use: Carscent, Carperfume, car charms, gifts, etc.
  • Quantity: 1pc

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The Parfumbottle is Coffee


The Parfumbottle is clear