Best Car Wash Soaps: Our 10 Top Picks for a Spotless and Sustainable Shine!

Best Car Wash Soaps

Prepare to roll up your sleeves and give your car the cleaning it deserves with our top picks.

1.Chemical Guys Extreme Bodywash & Wax

Our #1 pick

1K+ bought in past month
Car Wash Soap & Wax


💎 Enhances existing wax or sealant

💎 Versatile use in foam cannons or buckets

💎 Pleasant grape scent enhances the washing experience


🚩 Can require more product for maximum foam

🚩 May not work as well with hard water

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05/06/2024 11:51 am GMT

The sudsy mixture clung to every curve of our car, ensuring that no dirt was left untouched. And as we rinsed it off, there wasn’t just clean paint underneath.

The pH-balanced formula made us worry less about harming our car’s finish, as it was gentle on all types of paint and clear coat.

A small amount went a long way, thanks to the concentrated formula.

2.Chemical Guys Mr. Pink

#1 Best Seller in Cleaners
Foaming Car Wash Soap
$24.99 ($0.39 / Fl Oz)


💎 Generates thick, rich suds that enhance cleaning

💎 Leaves behind a pleasant candy scent

💎 Works exceptionally with foam cannons and foam guns


🚩 Pricier compared to some other car wash soaps

🚩 The scent may be too mild for those who like a stronger fragrance

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/06/2024 01:43 am GMT

The suds are luxuriously thick, clinging to the dirt and lifting it with ease.

In all honesty, it smells so good you’d wish they made an air freshener out of it.

Some might say it’s not the most economical choice, but I beg to differ. A little goes a long way here, especially if you’re using a foam cannon.

3.Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash

4K+ bought in past month
Car Wash Foam
$11.30 ($0.18 / Ounce)


💎 Effortlessly lifts grime and road filth

💎 Imparts a dazzling shine and enhances paint vibrancy

💎 Works wonderfully in foam cannons and traditional buckets

💎 Fruity scent


🚩 May leave residue if not thoroughly rinsed

🚩 Not the cheapest option available

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/06/2024 02:05 am GMT

Known for its deep cleaning ability, it’s a joy to watch this shampoo do its magic on dirty surfaces. With just a simple wipe, even stubborn dirt succumbs to its cleaning prowess.

We did learn that it’s essential to rinse the car properly. A couple of times, we noticed some spots where the soap dried too quickly, leaving a slight film.

4.Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash & Wax

1K+ bought in past month
Ultimate Wash and Wax


💎 Enhances shine with a clear coat-safe blend of carnauba wax

💎 Superior sudsing action lifts grime effectively

💎 Versatile and compatible with all Meguiar’s washes and waxes


🚩 May not replace a full wax

🚩 Potential streaking if not thoroughly rinsed

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/06/2024 08:56 am GMT

We recently tried out Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash & Wax, and we’re thoroughly impressed. This 2-in-1 marvel added a noticeable sparkle to our ride.

Wrapping up the wash, our car boasted a shine that echoed a recent wax, all thanks to this pH neutral formula.

5.Rain-X High-Foaming Wash

3K+ bought in past month
Foaming Car Wash
$7.97 ($0.08 / Fl Oz)


💎 Impressive reduction of spots and streaks

💎 Eco-friendly with a biodegradable formula

💎 A little goes a long way—concentrated for maximum efficacy


🚩 Suds may not last as long as some users would prefer

🚩 Might not foam as much in areas with hard water

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05/06/2024 11:58 am GMT

The car’s finish had that new-car shine, and the rainwater just beaded off magnificently!

Pouring just an ounce into a bucket, the soap transformed into a frothy lather upon agitation. This kind of cleaning power is exactly what we want when we’re aiming for a pristine car without harming the wax or paint job.

However, we did notice the suds didn’t hold up as long as we’d have liked. In our experience, frequent water replenishing was necessary to maintain the soapy solution during washing.

6.Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash

1K+ bought in past month
Car Wash Foam Soap
$29.00 ($0.23 / Ounce)


💎 Simplifies the washing routine by cleaning and conditioning together

💎 The formula is gentle enough to protect existing wax layers

💎 Versatile use for either foam cannon or bucket wash


🚩 Might require more product for extremely dirty vehicles

🚩 May not foam as much as some other brands when used with a cannon

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05/06/2024 12:59 pm GMT

The difference it makes to the paintwork is just stunning. After lathering up and rinsing down our car, the color and shine that it enhances is something we admire every time.

When it comes to the environment, we can wash guilt-free, knowing we’re using a biodegradable product.

7.Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo

1k sells last Month
Car Wash Shampoo
$34.99 ($0.27 / Fl Oz)


💎 Gentle on all vehicle surfaces and doesn't dry out trim or plastic

💎 Enhances the detailing process with its slick formula for a scratch-free wash

💎 Leaves no residue and is suitable for use in direct sunlight


🚩 Requires careful measuring for optimal suds

🚩 Scent may not appeal to all users

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05/06/2024 01:41 pm GMT

Plus, if you’re like us, working under the sun, it’s relieving to know that Adam’s formula won’t let you down.

8.Rain-X Spot Free Car Wash

1K+ bought in past month
High Foaming Soap
$8.58 ($0.18 / Fl Oz)


💎 Effortless rinsing for a spotless finish

💎 Eco-friendly and safe for all vehicle surfaces

💎 Highly concentrated for economical use

No drying necessary


🚩 Optimal results are not guaranteed in hard water areas

🚩 Streaking is possible if not used as directed

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/06/2024 06:27 pm GMT

Rain-X Spot Free Car Wash isn’t just a soap; it’s a time-saving magician in a bottle.

Just a small amount mixed with water created a rich foam that cut through dirt with ease, leaving our car’s paint looking vibrant and untouched by environmental aggressors.

We appreciated the environmentally friendly aspect. The soap is biodegradable, providing us with peace of mind knowing we’re not hurting the planet while keeping our car spotless.

It’s essential to follow the directions closely.
Missteps can lead to less-than-desirable results, especially on larger vehicles where washing in sections is key.

9.Guys Honeydew Snow Foam

1K+ bought in past month
Foam Car Wash Soap
$29.99 ($0.47 / Fl Oz)


💎 Produces thick, clingy foam for deep cleaning

💎 pH-balanced formula that's safe for all paint colors

💎 Delicious honeydew scent that enhances the washing experience

💎 Premium product


🚩 Requires specific dilution for optimal results

🚩 Might use more product with a foam cannon for desired foam thickness

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/06/2024 09:11 pm GMT

Its thick foam coated our cars like a dream, clinging in place to pull dirt and grime off the surface.

We noticed it works exceptionally well in direct sunlight too, which is a game-changer for those sunny wash days.

With its hyper surfactants, the Honeydew Snow Foam managed to lift stubborn dirt effortlessly, ensuring a scratch-free rinse that left behind a stunning shine.

On closer inspection, there was no soapy residue, just a clear, reflective surface. We could feel the difference as we ran our hands over the paint.

Remember to follow the dilution directions, though. We found that getting the mixture right was crucial for the perfect foam consistency.

10.Chemical Guys Maxi-Suds II

1K+ bought in past month
Foaming Car Wash Soap
$19.99 ($0.31 / Fl Oz)


💎 Intense foaming action for thorough cleaning

💎 Safe for all types of vehicles and finishes

💎 Delightful grape fragrance during wash


🚩 May not foam as much with certain foam cannons

🚩 Larger quantities may be needed for dirtier vehicles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/06/2024 09:27 pm GMT

The foamy lather was rich and covered the car in a bubbly blanket, making it easy to lift off dirt and grime. The fact that it’s pH-balanced meant we didn’t have to worry about it stripping any wax or sealant.

Some foam guns may not produce an avalanche of foam, but with a little tweaking, the lather was more than sufficient for our needs.

Whether it’s the ease of use, the lovely scent, or the top-tier results, this soap has us excited for the next wash.

Buying Guide

When it comes to keeping our cars looking shiny and new, we’re always on the hunt for the best car wash soaps out there. It’s about finding the right blend of ingredients that lift dirt effectively without harming the car’s finish. Here’s what to consider before you buy:


  • pH Level: Ensure the soap is pH balanced to prevent damage to your car’s paintwork.
  • Concentration: Look for a concentrated formula for cost-effectiveness; more washes out of a single bottle.
  • Lubricity: High-lubricity soaps reduce the risk of scratching by providing a slick cushion between your washing mitt and the paint.
  • Biodegradability: Opt for an eco-friendly formula that’s tough on dirt but gentle on the environment.


FeatureWhy It Matters
Eco-friendlySafer for the environment, less harmful runoff.
Wax/Sealant SafePreserves your car’s protective layer.
Foaming ActionEnhances cleaning power and ease of dirt removal.
ScentA pleasant smell can make the washing experience more enjoyable.
Water Spot and Streak ResistanceLeaves a flawless finish without extra work.


  • Versatility: Some soaps can be used for different cleaning methods, like hand washing or foam cannons.
  • Rinsability: Soap should rinse off easily to save water and time.
  • Drying Time: Quicker drying soaps can prevent water spots and save your time.

Remember to always follow the instructions on the soap’s label for the best results, that’s when you get the most out of your Best Car wash soap, if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or write us a mail, till then see you next time when it says again…
…Let´s Ride!

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