BMW Most Expensive Car: Unveiling the Ultimate Luxury Machine in 2024!

When we think of luxury and performance seamlessly stitched together, BMW springs to mind.
But what gets our pulse racing is the engineering that’s found in the BMW most expensive car. It’s not a statement of wealth, it’s a testament to the mountain of automotive craftsmanship.

We’re talking about more than just horsepower or the sparkle of chrome. It’s the feeling you get as you glide along the tarmac, the envy-inducing glances, and that unmistakable aura of grandeur. From the precision-tuned dynamics to the opulent interiors, these cars are the dreams of motoring enthusiasts brought to life.

The mere mention of the most expensive BMW cars conjures images of exclusivity and the rush of adrenaline.
The Bavarian manufacturer’s portfolio includes iconic models that have set the bar so high, others can only aspire.
With each iteration, BMW continues to redefine luxury and performance, wrapping them up in an irresistible package that commands attention and respect on the road.

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BMW Most Expensive Cars

When it comes to the BMW, the allure of luxury and exclusivity can’t be overstated. These vehicles are not just modes of transport, they’re statements of prestige and engineering marvels that command attention on the roads and at auctions.
Let’s explore these iconic Models, from historical legends to modern masterpieces.

Classic Marvels and Price Tags

Boat Interior Design bmw most expensive car
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1957 BMW 507

Once driven by Elvis Presley, this classic beauty has fetched prices around $2,590,000 at auction due to its rarity and the celebrity connection.

BMW 328

A testament to pre-war mastery, the 328’s elegance and historical value have merited a price tag of up to $843,000.

Modern Masterpieces and Market Value


A car that echoes history with its modern twist, it incorporates carbon fiber in its body and commands up to $780,000.

BMW M8 Competition

It’s the epitome of contemporary luxury with commanding performance. The price reflects its status as one of the premier choices in BMW’s lineup.

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Celebrity Connections and Exclusivity

John Surtees’ BMW 507

Owned by the racing legend, we see the increase in value due to its exclusivity and celebrity past.

Paul Walker’s BMW M1

A modern legend, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, this rare beast is sought after by enthusiasts and collectors alike, pushing its auction price and exclusivity through the roof.

Unmatched Performance and Design

When we talk about the BMW most expensive car, we’re highlighting a realm where extreme power meets bold aesthetics. Let’s have a look into the craftsmanship that sets these machines apart in performance and design.

Engineering Excellence

Every BMW stands out for its engineering power, but the most expensive models take this to the next level.
A V12 engine roars under the hood of the BMW M760Li, delivering a staggering 601 horsepower, while the electric motor in the BMW i8 offers impressive torque with eco-friendly credentials.
Seamless shifting is guaranteed by state-of-the-art transmissions, ensuring that these cars aren’t just about muscle, but also about finesse on the road.

Design and Luxury Features

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Luxury is tangible in these vehicles; from the Merino leather that envelops you to the carbon fiber accents, every detail is meticulously crafted. BMW’s most expensive cars often include the M Sport package with unique Shadowline trim, blending opulence with the sleek edge of race cars.

Race-Bred Sports Cars and Their Legacy

The lineage of BMW’s sports cars, like the formidable BMW M3 GTS, embodies a legacy that continues in the bloodline of the most expensive models. BMW’s race cars, including the tantalizingly rare BMW Nazca M12 with its mid-engine design, have laid the groundwork, influencing performance-centric features that make these cars legends on both the track and the street.

The 5 most expensive BMWs ever sold

  1. John Surtees’ 1957 BMW 507 Touring Sports Car –
    • $5,000,000.
  2. 1958 BMW 507 Roadster Series II –
    • $2,420,000. …
  3. 1958 BMW 507 Series II –
    • $1,820,000. …
  4. 2023 BMW 3.0 CSL –
    • $1,114,167. …
  5. 1980 BMW M1 Procar –
    • $913,000. …


What is the most expensive BMW 2023?

With every option available, the most expensive one available costs $168,395. The XM starts at $159,995 after the $995 destination fee.

Which BMW series is most luxurious?

Long regarded as BMW’s flagship full-size luxury sedan, the 2024 7 Series lives up to its legacy with a streamlined exterior, brilliant displays, and lavish interior.

How much is the most expensive BMW i8?


The price of the 2020 BMW i8 starts at $148,495 and goes up to $164,295 depending on the trim and options. We’d pony up the extra cash for the open-air driving experience that is only available with the 2020 i8 roadster. With standard all-wheel drive and only one powertrain, those decisions are already made for you.

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